Now for the serious bit…… If you want to get the best results from you treatment for as long as possible then we recommend that you follow our aftercare advice below. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.


High Definition Brows Aftercare Advice

No extreme heat treatments (e.g. very hot baths or showers, saunas, steam rooms), swimming, sunbathing (including sun beds or any other exposure to UV light) for 24 hours. Try and avoid exercise or anything that makes you sweat for 24 hours.

Do not apply any perfumed products to the area for 24 hours.

Wash your hands before scratching or touching the area.

Avoid the use of make-up around the brows for 24 hours apart from mineral make-up or specialist post-treatment products.

No self-tanning products to the area for 24 hours. Self-tanning products may alter the tint colour, so we recommend using these with caution around your brows at all in between HD Brow treatments.

The use of harsh make-up cleansing products could prematurely reduce your brow tint. Avoid the use of such products at all in-between treatments to prolong the colour retention of your tint.

Do not pluck or tweeze in-between appointments particularly in areas where your therapist has advised re-growth.